Know all about Shih Tzus!

Know Your Pet – Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu dog breed has a rich history that dates back over 1,000 years. Originating in Tibet, these small and affectionate dogs were highly regarded by Chinese royalty. They were bred by crossing the Tibetan Lhasa Apso and the Pekingese, resulting in a distinctive appearance with a flowing coat and a characteristic pushed-in face. Shih Tzus were considered sacred and were often given as gifts to foreign dignitaries.

During the Chinese revolution, the breed faced near extinction, but a few were saved and brought to England. From there, they were further developed and gained popularity around the world. Today, Shih Tzus are cherished as beloved companions, known for their playful nature, loyalty, and adorable looks.

Fun Shih Tzu Facts

What Do They Prey On?

Small animals and birds

What Are Their Main Threats?

Health Problems

What Do They Eat?


What Is Their Conservation Status?

Least Concern

Average Litter Size?

2 to 9 puppies

Where You’ll Find Them?

Cities and farms

How Much Do They Weigh?

8.8–16.5 lb (4–7.5 kg)



How Long Are They?

7.9–11 in (20-28 cm)



How Tall Are They?




What Do They Look Like?

Brown, chocolate, red, gold, yellow, black, blue, white



Skin Type




Shih Tzu Appearance 

Let’s talk about the adorable appearance of Shih Tzus. These little bundles of joy, known as Shih Tzu dogs, are simply irresistible! With their fluffy coats and expressive eyes, they’re like living stuffed toys. Shih Tzu puppies are especially cute, with their tiny paws and playful antics. 

You might also come across the Maltese Shih Tzu, a mixed breed that combines the best of both worlds. Good news for allergy sufferers—Shih Tzus are often considered hypoallergenic, as they don’t shed much. 

Plus, they can live a pretty long time, with an average lifespan of around 10 to 16 years. Enjoy the company of these charming little companions! 

Shih Tzu Personality

Now let’s talk about the delightful personality of Shih Tzus! These furry friends are full of character and charm. Shih Tzus are known for being friendly, affectionate, and great with families. They love to be showered with attention and will gladly curl up on your lap. Shih Tzu puppies are playful and mischievous, bringing joy to your home. 

Their gentle nature makes them a wonderful companion for kids. Plus, if you’re worried about allergies, Shih Tzus are often considered hypoallergenic. With proper care and love, they can live a long and happy life by your side.

Shih Tzu Energy Level

Let’s talk about the energy level of Shih Tzus! These little pups have a moderate energy level, making them a great choice for both active and laid-back lifestyles. Shih Tzu dogs enjoy short walks and playtime, but they’re not super high-energy dogs. Shih Tzu puppies, on the other hand, might have bursts of energy and love to explore. 

They’re happy to snuggle up with you on the couch or follow you around the house. So, whether you’re up for a leisurely stroll or a cosy cuddle session, the Shih Tzu’s energy level will fit right into your lifestyle.

Shih Tzu Diet

Now, let’s talk about the diet of a Shih Tzu! These adorable pups have specific nutritional needs to keep them healthy and happy. Shih Tzu dogs require a balanced diet of high-quality dog food formulated for small breeds. Shih Tzu puppies need food specially designed for their growth and development. 

It’s important to feed them the right portion sizes and avoid overfeeding, as they can easily gain weight. Always provide fresh water and consult with your vet about any specific dietary requirements. By nourishing them properly, you’ll ensure your Shih Tzu lives a long and vibrant life by your side.

Shih Tzu Exercise

Let’s talk about exercise for Shih Tzus! These little cuties have a moderate exercise requirement, perfect for a cosy home. Shih Tzu dogs enjoy daily walks and playtime, but they’re not super high-energy. Shih Tzu puppies, though, may have bursts of energy and love to play. 

Keep their exercise sessions short and fun, as they can tire easily. Be mindful of hot weather and provide plenty of water breaks. With their moderate exercise needs, Shih Tzus fit well into various lifestyles. So, get ready for enjoyable walks and play sessions with your adorable companion!

Ideal Environment for a Shih Tzu

Let’s create the ideal environment for a Shih Tzu! These pups thrive in a loving and comfortable home. Shih Tzu dogs are well-suited for apartment living, as they’re small and don’t require a lot of space. Shih Tzu puppies, though playful, adapt well to indoor environments. They enjoy being around their human family and crave attention. 

Since Shih Tzus are hypoallergenic and shed minimally, they’re great for people with allergies. Their average lifespan of 10 to 16 years means they’ll be your loyal companion for a long time. Create a cosy haven for your Shih Tzu and enjoy endless love and happiness together!

Ideal Family for a Shih Tzu

Let’s find the ideal family for a Shih Tzu! These furry friends are perfect for families of all sizes. Shih Tzu dogs are known for their friendly and gentle nature, making them great with kids and seniors alike. Shih Tzu puppies bring joy and playfulness to any home. 

Since they’re hypoallergenic and shed minimally, they’re ideal for allergy-sensitive households. Their average lifespan of 10 to 16 years means they’ll be part of your family for a long time. So, whether you’re a bustling family or a cosy duo, a Shih Tzu will bring love and laughter into your lives.

Shih Tzu Training

Let’s talk about training for your Shih Tzu! These adorable pups are smart and eager to please. Start training your Shih Tzu puppy early to establish good habits. Positive reinforcement methods work best, using treats and praise. Keep training sessions short and fun, as Shih Tzus can have a short attention span. 

Socialization is important too, so expose them to different people, animals, and environments. Shih Tzus are intelligent, so they can learn various commands and tricks. Be patient and consistent, and soon your Shih Tzu will become a well-behaved and happy companion.

Shih Tzu Grooming

Let’s talk about grooming your Shih Tzu! These fluffy cuties require regular grooming to keep their coats looking fabulous. Shih Tzu dogs have long, luxurious hair that can get tangled and matted if not properly cared for. Brush their coats daily to prevent knots and tangles. 

Regular bathing, usually once a month, keeps them clean and fresh. Pay attention to their ears, eyes, and teeth, and keep them clean and healthy. Professional grooming sessions are recommended every 4-6 weeks to maintain their signature look. With proper grooming, your Shih Tzu will be a head-turner wherever they go!

Shih Tzu Health 

Let’s talk about the health of your Shih Tzu! These little pups are generally healthy, but they can be prone to certain health issues. Keep an eye out for potential problems like eye infections, dental issues, and respiratory problems due to their short snouts. Regular vet check-ups and vaccinations are essential to ensure their well-being. 

Shih Tzu puppies may be susceptible to hypoglycemia, so monitor their food intake. With proper care, a balanced diet, and regular exercise, your Shih Tzu can live a happy and healthy life for 10 to 16 years.

Why are Shih Tzus the best pets?

Let’s talk about why Shih Tzus make the best pets! These adorable pups are full of love and companionship. Shih Tzu dogs have a gentle and friendly nature, making them great for families and individuals. Their hypoallergenic coat means less shedding and fewer allergies. Shih Tzu puppies bring endless joy and playfulness into your life. 

They’re loyal and devoted, always by your side. With an average lifespan of 10 to 16 years, they’ll be your faithful companion for a long time. So, get ready for cuddles, laughter, and unconditional love with a Shih Tzu as your best furry friend!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shih Tzus hypoallergenic? 

Yes, Shih Tzus are often considered hypoallergenic. They have hair rather than fur, which means they shed less and produce fewer allergens. However, it’s important to note that no dog breed is completely hypoallergenic, as allergies can vary from person to person.

How long do Shih Tzus live? 

On average, Shih Tzus have a lifespan of 10 to 16 years. With proper care, nutrition, and regular vet check-ups, they can live a happy and healthy life for a good number of years.

Does Shih Tzus require a lot of grooming? 

Yes, Shih Tzus do require regular grooming to maintain their beautiful coats. Their long hair should be brushed daily to prevent tangles and mats. Additionally, they may need professional grooming every 4-6 weeks to keep their hair trimmed and clean.

Is Shih Tzus good with children? 

Yes, Shih Tzus are generally good with children. They have a friendly and gentle nature, making them suitable companions for kids. However, it’s always important to supervise interactions between young children and dogs to ensure safety and teach children how to properly interact with pets.