Travel with Pets: The Essential Tips You Need

Leaving your pet at home while going away can be a heartbreaking sight. However, traveling with your pet may also seem like a big deal. By keeping these tips in mind though, you’ll have no problem preparing for a little excursion with your pet. We are writing this ‘Travel with Pets’ blog so you can get your furry friends to explore the world with you. Then, check out what should you prepare and do if you want to bring your pets to your trips!


Tip 1: Do your research!

travel with pets do research about your destination

The most important thing is to research country-specific regulations for entering the country with your pet. This might include mandatory vaccinations, so make sure to be aware of what your destination country requires. Some countries also have lengthy quarantine periods for bringing your pet into, so be prepared. Here are tips on which countries are easy to travel with pets (i.e., regulations are quite minimal):

  • Italy
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Brazil
  • The Bahamas

Tip 2: Pick a pet-friendly airline

Make sure to do your research on airlines as well- some airlines are more pet-friendly than others. Some of the best-rated airlines for traveling with pets include Virgin Atlantic, Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Allegiant, or JetBlue. The trend of travel with pets is increasing every year, so chances are that finding a way to accommodate your pet won’t be as difficult as you might think. It’s also a good idea to exercise your pet before embarking on a flight, so they’re not storing up all that pent-up energy. Also, this might mean that they’ll end up sleeping for most of the flight. Win-win!

Also, please consider the health conditions of your pet. Make sure that they are healthy and fit during the trip. If your pet is young or not very healthy, it just might be the best idea to leave them at home.

Tip 3: Choose your accommodation carefully

Same as for countries or airlines, the accommodation also must be considered when traveling with your pet. Then, here is the golden rule is to ask questions. Make sure (100%) that your accommodation is fine with hosting your furry friend as well. Moreover, Airbnb’s often have a pet-friendly rating which you can check before booking. Of course, better safe than sorry!

Also, take note of this important thing if you are traveling with a group. Make sure to let your travel buddies know about your pet plans as well, just in case someone has allergies or something of the like. Most of the time everyone loves having a pet around!

Tip 4: Make them feel at home

cat sleeping on bed

When traveling with a pet, you want to make sure you have some toys or items from home with you that are familiar to your pet, so they feel more comfortable. Treat your pet like a small child when traveling- you want them to feel safe. Packing some food and treats from home is another great way to help your pet relax while on the road. Also, make sure you have the essentials in travel-size. It would be easier for you to grab them if your buddy need it immediately.

Tip 5: Plan activities

A husky close-up in front of a mountain

When you’re traveling, you’ll most likely have some plans for what to do on your trip- so make sure your pet is included in them. Find destinations or places that are pet-friendly. You can check out some adorable pet cafes, lovely city parks, or pet-friendly restaurants. Getting outdoors for example is an awesome way to have fun with your pet. You can go hiking, visit national parks, or head to the beach with your furry buddy. Additionally, making sure your pet is enjoying their time as well is important.

Tip 6: Consult your vet

It’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared, so you might also want to consult your vet that your pet is all good to travel. Especially if your pet has had pre-existing health conditions, you want to make sure your buddy is safe. It’s a good idea to also keep your pets’ health documents with you. Just in case!

Tip 7: Your pet needs their ID too

A cat walking on a wall in front of a harbor

Make sure that your pet has a collar or something where you can add the information of your pet as well as the pet’s own info.

Tip 8: Just take it easy!

Your pet can sense your energy, so it’s important that you (try) stay relaxed. Your pet is kind of like you when it comes to traveling. So, keep them hydrated, exercised, well-documented, and in good health. And don’t forget that they want to have fun, too! That should be at the top of your mind. Bringing your fluffy bestie to your awesome trips should give you so much fun!